The kids have moved out.

Those three bedrooms are looking awfully lonely. That spacious back yard that once served as a barbeque pit – football field – volleyball court now looks like a breeding ground for weeds, not to mention back-breaking acreage during mowing season.

You want to move to something smaller, but the task seems over whelming. There’s a basement (or extra room) full of boxes, a garage filled with more stuff and rusting machinery. Let the expert’s help you get moving.
Many see what must be done and it stymies them. They can’t get started because the task seems so great. The key to downsizing is to sort through your stuff regularly and get rid of what you no longer use. You will thank yourself on moving day!

Some folks think they will live in their family home forever, and then medical setbacks strike. You need a place where many of the chores are taken care of for you. Garden home communities afford many options as you will read in other parts of the website.

When going through your belongings, one organizer recommends the following:

Make several piles,

  1. trash
  2. donations
  3. ask children to take their stuff
  4. keep

Another professional suggests getting the family together, making a party of it, and have each child make a list or put post-its on what he or she wants.

There are companies that specialize in helping with estate sales and auctions, they help with donations and assist with packing.

Some older folks don’t even want to know how they’re going to get from point A to point B. Having someone to assist them through the process can be a big help.